Sant’Antonio and the pig leather strap
In Valnerina it is not hard to see a pig inside a church. Nothing blasphemous, for heaven’s sake. The fact is that the pig is one of the attributes that identify Saint Anthony Abbot, a Saint venerated throughout the agricultural world and recognized as the patron saint of animals.

That is why almost always, in traditional iconography, the Saint is depicted in the company of a pig. Others suggest that it was the willingness to put the demon — the temptations of the flesh, represented precisely by pig -, at the foot of the Saint who fought these temptations.

In any case, in pictorial representations of the Valnerina starting from the 14th century, a small black pig with a strap is carved on the side of the Saint. It is a pig from a special breed called “cinturino” (strap) native of Umbria.

nerino ph 14

nerino ph 15