We are a short chain production, we breed, we transform and we age our products using modern knowledges of contamination field, together with the traditional Umbrian butchery systems.
Our pigs are bred without the use of antibiotics or anabolics but only using natural food.
The meat is aged without adding any chemical additives or preservatives.
The Laurenzi farm offers a wide range of fresh and aged Nerino Umbro products.


All Umbrian nerino products are available both for retail (single pieces) or by purchasing a pig (whole or half).


Prepared using the parts left after separating hams, shoulders, capocolli and loins. Fill a natural pork gut with a mixture of cuts of noble meat, flavouring with garlic, pepper and spices


This is the belly, consisting of layers of lean and fat alternates. It can be used for cured meat, or fresh to wrap and flavour other lean cuts, for recipes that require browning or baking


Small cut taken below the vertebrae; particularly valuable from a gastronomic point of view. In fact, it’s very tender, and suitable for quick cooking preserving its characteristics.


They are the ribs from thoracic area. Whole or separated before being cooked on the grill or in the oven. Excellent for traditional and very tasty recipes.


The whole “carré” cut into slices, between one rib and the other. You can cook it in a pan with herbs and spices; but the most traditional cooking is grilled.


Also known as “carrè”, it’s the longline cut placed above the lumbar vertebrae. Without bone, arista is cooked in a casserole or oven; excellent for many recipes, with smells and spices.