We work every day to guarantee quality, authenticity, short supply chain, animal and environment’s wellness, recovery of tradition.

Quality and authenticity

Our main goal is to produce fine pork meat (fresh and seasoned) naturally processed, with no other addictions than traditional spices.

Short supply chain

The products our farm offers come from a fully local supply chain, where animals are raised in our land, feeding with local food and processed in the same place.

Seasoning for example, takes place in our cellars in Buggiano, 700 metres (..) above sea level, with fresh and dry air of Alta Valnerina.

Harmony between animals and the environment in which they live

We want our animals to live as natural as possible and without stress, taking care of the quality of their food and the environment in which they live, constantly checking their health and wellness, aiming to create best harmony conditions between them and the environment.

Our daily effort is to search for the best conditions for our pigs: food, open space, relationship with the environment, final product benefits from all of those conditions, a real gastronomic treasure.

Recovery of Tradition

We decided to nurture Umbrian black pig to recover a local tradition that was being lost.
We create a trust relationship with our customers, sharing with them our culture, tradition, and gastronomic property from Valnerina and Umbria, enclosed in our products, both fresh and seasoned.