Pigs’ breeding in the wild technique, also known as “outdoor” and “plein air”, differs from piggery’s breeding by making use of wide fenced ground surfaces, where pigs have at their service equipped areas for drinking, eating and resting.
Our goal is to let the pigs live in a way as natural as possible, taking care of their food and environment, constantly checking their health conditions and wellness. That’s why we have chosen to keep the tradition of wild breeding in a surface of 15 hectares, both plain and wooded, in one of the most uncontaminated areas of Valnerina, near Cerreto di Spoleto, where climate is optimal for the natural growth and housing of Umbrian black pig. In the wide breeding area, Nerino pig stays active and constantly moving: this means that its body stores a lower amount of harmful fats and grows a bigger amount of muscles. Food is based on natural products: hacorns, tubers and herbs that pigs can obtain thanks to the features of surrounding land and environment. During winter, we supplement their food with local produced barley, oats and grains.