PART DESCRIPTION: It is a ground mixture of lean (70{19efb737f096420e6d8fd32079939eb72eada538b239232f9ada863ab77fa437}) and fatty (30{19efb737f096420e6d8fd32079939eb72eada538b239232f9ada863ab77fa437}) parts.

PREPARATION and INGREDIENTS: No preservatives of any kind are added to the ground coffee. They do not contain lactose or any other type of allergen. Only salt, pepper, white wine and garlic are added to the dough. Stuffed in natural casing, they are then tied to form small sausages

SEASONING CONDITIONS AND TIMES: Hanging in the cellar at a temperature of around 10 ° for a period ranging from 20 to 40 days.

FULL WEIGHT: 25/30 gr. each.

CHARACTERISTICS and TASTE: It is a small cylindrical seasoned. It has a softer and less distinctive characteristic flavor than salami. Yummy.


PREPARATION FOR TASTING: In small wheels sliced as finely as possible.

PAIRING: With the sciapo bread, accompanied with seasoned pecorino or, traditionally in Umbria, with the Easter cheese pizza.

STORAGE: Hanging in a dry and ventilated place or in the refrigerator.

Price per Kg

Dried Sausages / Salamini - 18 Months€ 22,00

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