DESCRIPTION OF THE PART: Cheeks that incorporate chewing muscles. Particularly tasty in animals bred in the wild because they are constantly stressed in the act of digging the ground in search of tubers.

PREPARATION and INGREDIENTS: Initially immersed in a mixture of garlic, white wine and pepper. Then they are carefully sprinkled on each side with salt and pepper.

SEASONING CONDITIONS AND TIMES: Hanging in the cellar at a temperature of around 10 ° for a period of at least 4 months.

WHOLE WEIGHT: From 1 to 2 Kg.

CHARACTERISTICS and TASTE: It is a triangular seasoned with distinct sections of fat and lean. Unparalleled flavor in pasta (carbonara and amatriciana) or on bruschetta. For other recipes, see, in the “Recipes” section.


PREPARATION FOR TASTING: Tasting in very thin slices to maximize the aromas or cubes for cooking.

STORAGE: Once started better in the refrigerator taking care to protect the cut with a sheet of transparent film.

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Guanciale€ 16,50

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