PART DESCRIPTION: They are the 2 hind limbs, including the buttock and thigh.

PREPARATION and INGREDIENTS: They are “salted” and left to rest on the flat for 15 to 30 days. Subsequently “filled” with a beat of lard.

SEASONING CONDITIONS AND TIMES: Hanging in the cellar at a temperature of around 10 ° 14 ° for a period of at least 2 years (up to 3.5 years according to size). Strictly natural seasoning (without seasoning cells). The altitude, the atmospheric pressure and the natural humidity, contribute significantly to its unique taste.

FULL WEIGHT: From 7 to 10 Kg.

CHARACTERISTICS and FLAVOR: He is the King of seasoned pork. Sapid taste (not as sweet as “Parma”), characteristic taste of Umbrian mountain ham, rather similar to Tuscan.

SALES PORTIONS: Whole or in vacuum-boned slices of about 1.5 / 2 kg.

PREPARATION FOR TASTING: Taste in very thin slices to enhance the aromas to the maximum.

PAIRING: With Umbrian shapeless bread, with melon, etc.

STORAGE: Once started better in the refrigerator, taking care to protect the cut with a sheet of transparent film.

Price per Kg

Ham whole - 24 Months€ 33,00

Ham whole boneless - 20 Months € 40,00

Ham in vacuum packed slices - 20 Months € 45,00

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