PART DESCRIPTION: They are the 2 upper limbs.

PREPARATION and INGREDIENTS: They are “salted” and left to rest on the flat for 10 to 15 days. Subsequently “plastered” with a beat of lard.

CONDITIONS AND TIME OF SEASONING: Hanging in the cellar at a temperature of around 10 ° 14 ° for a period of at least 1 year (up to 2 years depending on the size). Strictly natural seasoning (without seasoning cells). The altitude, the atmospheric pressure and the natural humidity, contribute significantly to its unique taste.

FULL WEIGHT: From 5 to 7 Kg. With bone and from 3 to 5 Kg. Without bone (limited production).

CHARACTERISTICS and FLAVOR: If the ham is the King of the seasoned, the shoulder is the Queen. Slightly leaner than ham, it maintains the same organoleptic characteristics.

SALES PORTIONS: Whole or in vacuum-boned slices of about 1 / 1.5 kg.

PREPARATION FOR TASTING: Taste in very thin slices to enhance the aromas to the maximum.

PAIRING: With Umbrian shapeless bread, with melon, etc.

STORAGE: Once started better in the refrigerator, taking care to protect the cut with a sheet of transparent film

Price per Kg

Spalletta whole - 18 Months€19,00

Spalletta whole boneless - 12 Months € 22,00

Spalletta in vacuum packed slices - 12 Months € 24,00

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